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5 star passion

Our passion for excellence is what defines us. Therefore we aim to offer our guests first-rate standards through all services we provide. Sarroglia promises a top-notch hotel experience that will make every trip worth it!


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We always go further
than our own front door

When you book a room at Sarroglia, you will receive a mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card. This way, you can always be in touch with the reception wherever you are and for whatever you need.
We will be pleased to help you anytime!

Whether you need to call a cab, return to the hotel, need translation assistance or just any other request, you simply have to call the reception of Sarroglia Hotel.

We know how important it is for our guests to be always connected wherever they are.

That is why we also give you a 3G USB dongle that you can use through-out your stay in Romania.

City & airport pick-up

Wherever you are in the city, either you want to go from or come back to Sarroglia, you just need to call the reception and we will send a taxi to pick you up.

Chauffeur services

For those of you who don’t like taxis or want to avoid renting a car, we can also provide you with an elegant limousine, complete with chauffeur, that can follow you around the city.

Wrinkle free

We know how busy your schedule is and that the last thing you would want to do on your trip is to iron your clothes.

That’s why we thought about helping you out. We can wash and iron your shirts for you, at a fraction of the price you would normally pay for this service.

Room Service

Room service is a must in any five-star hotel. That is why we provide this service as well, for all our guests.

Whenever you need something to eat or drink, you just have to call the reception and it gets delivered to your room, as fast as possible.

Bucharest on 2 wheels

You can always choose to experience Romania’s capital by bike. Hotel Sarroglia can supply you with the bikes, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Bucharest offers marked roads for bikers in order for them to enjoy the best views of the city.