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Our values

Sarroglia Hotel

The Sarroglia Hotel welcomes you to a special accommodation in the center of Bucharest. The combination of design, art and modernity gives, as a result, a unique hotel. Decorated following a contemporary aesthetic and functional design, the Sarroglia offers a wide range of facilities that will make you live an unforgettable stay in the city. 

The 33 rooms of the Sarroglia Hotel have been designed looking for the maximum comfort. There you will find an inspiring atmosphere and a full range of services at your disposal.

8.4 100% our customers recommend it Reviews


We offer you a stay marked by exquisite details that make the difference.
Sarroglia Style

The place for art lovers

Sarroglia Style

Art Lounge

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our spacious lounge while admiring our fine art collection! Sarroglia offers you yet another opportunity to delight in a modern area exclusively created for our select guests. Artists and art lovers have a special meeting place in our hotel!

Visit Sarroglia’s Art Gallery and enjoy our fine selected collection of paintings created by both well-known and aspiring artists. You will spend a quality time at Sarroglia Lounge and you will also have the opportunity to buy your favorite art piece.
8.4 100% our customers recommend it Reviews

Sarroglia Society

Be part of Sarroglia Society and benefit from all our special offers, discounts and events such as golf tours or networking cocktail parties! Be more than a client, be part of an elite group that shares the same interests!